About us

Hello, you, and thanks for visiting our virtual boutique.

There’s a saying we love that beautifully explains how Lost in Samsara came to fruition:

“If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.”

In February of 2015 after a particularly eye-opening trip to Nepal, we were seriously disgruntled and started thinking about what we could do to incite positive change. Acutely aware of how out-of-hand society’s seemingly insatiable desire for stuff was (and the fact that none of it would be possible without the rampant abuse of workers and the environment), we began building our own little social enterprise...

Samsara is a Sanskrit word referring to the "cycle of aimless wandering and mundane existence" we often find ourselves in. We get so caught up in our daily routines (using disposable products, buying from big box stores, etc.) that we become blind to the harm they inherently cause. “Lost in Samsara” refers to this metaphorical blindness. And offers a fun and easy way to jump off the hamster wheel and help empower  the people who make the products we buy.

With your help, we can help combat social injustice in a tangible way.

Big love & happy shopping, 

Founders Marvi and Alessia




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